18th August 2021
Detail from David Pelham's paperback book cover design for A Clockwork Orange

The beauty of books

If you’re interested in books, and book cover design in particular, don’t miss The Beauty of Books (episode four) on BBC iPlayer.
24th August 2018
Photoshop icon

Photo formats and sizes demystified

If you are confused about photo formats and sizes, this article will answer your most asked questions.
26th October 2017
Happy Grandparents sitting with their granddaughter on a pier, pointing out at the boats.

How to supply good pictures to your designer

Supply good pictures to your designer and ensure your marketing materials are up to scratch and your products and services are shown to the best possible advantage.
7th August 2017
Orange and blue are complimentary colours

How to commission a book designer

Anxious about commissioning a book designer? Find out how to ensure your designer projects the right image and communicates successfully with your readers.
21st April 2017
A selection of photos on a photo library lightbox

How to select photos for projects

Easy ways to select photos for your projects; where to look, how much it might cost and the pitfalls you should be aware of.
17th March 2017
InDesign logo 640px

Tips for using InDesign

21st September 2016

5 ways to sell your book

Writing your book is the easy bit. Marketing and selling it is a whole new ball game. To get you started here are 5 ways to sell your book.
7th July 2016

What team do authors need to run a successful book business?

Have you decided to quit your job to concentrate on writing? What team do authors need? Here are my suggestions for your dream team members.
8th December 2015
Colourful Pantone mugs

Presents for creatives and design lovers

We creative types can be very picky when it comes to presents. Here are some ideas showing you how to please your arty loved-ones. 
2nd September 2015
An image from the Darkbridge series

How I rebranded a series of crime fiction book covers

Branding creates a cohesive identity for book cover designs. Read how this series rebrand resulted in an uplift in sales for a small publisher.
22nd September 2014
Two book covers from the same series

How to brand a book series

When people think about branding, they normally envisage company logos and the way they are applied to marketing materials and products.
8th April 2014

How to publish an ebook

Recently, KIngston University hosted an excellent talk by Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords on ‘How to publish an ebook’. Smash words is a free publishing platform
31st December 2013
A spread from Woman's World

Labour of love: Graham Rawle’s quirky book design

When I’m thinking of buying a book, often the design can put me off; a very small typeface, mean leading (line spacing) and stingy margins are
2nd October 2013
Bookmachine logo

Promote yourself and find professionals in publishing with bookmachine.me

Do you work in publishing? Ever had trouble getting work, finding the right contributors for your project, or making strategic alliances? Fret no more. Laura and Gavin
31st January 2013

Right or wrong – or just a matter of taste?

I love typography and calligraphy, and hand-drawn type can add flair and vibrancy to a design. One of my favourite lettering artists is the very talented
30th October 2012

On my wish list …

This wonderful book on Herb Lubalin by art publishers Unit Editions is top of my wish list at the moment. Harb was one of the original
28th April 2012
An example of extremely bad typography, focussing on the letter spacing (kerning)

Truly terrible typography

Oh dear! Who is responsible for this typographic crime? It upsets me deeply. For those of you who don’t know, kerning is the process of adjusting
17th January 2012
detail from a book cover design

A miracle in 3 tweets?

There’s no denying that everything moves much faster than it used to. When I first started work at BBC Publications, we often had up to 11
17th March 2011

Who says you shouldn't use iconic fonts in your designs?

Recently, I read a blogpost about why you shouldn’t use iconic typefaces in your designs. Typefaces can polarise opinions and raise temperatures (especially among type geeks
11th November 2010
Yoga book cover design

Yoga in bed

When I was asked to review ‘Yoga in Bed’ I jumped at the chance. I attend a weekly Iyengar Yoga class, and I adore my bed,
20th October 2010

My top 10 tips for a great book cover design

1      Know your market 2      Get the size right 3      Keep it simple 4      Employ bold typography
28th September 2010
The cover design of the Penguin Dictionary series, by David Pearson

Why I love … (1)

I love the redesign of the Penguin Dictionaries. They are obviously Penguin books, but they have a very clean, modern feel. They follow rule number 1
1st September 2010
A pile of books without a cover design

How to design a book cover (3)

If you are using a picture or illustration on the cover, make sure it is high-resolution (300dpi at the size you are using it) and in
31st August 2010
A pile of books without a cover design

How to design a book cover (2)

When your book goes to press, your printer will ask you to provide him or her with a press-quality PDF, and in order to do this
26th August 2010
A pile of books without a cover design

How to design a book cover (1)

‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’. People are far too intelligent to do that, right? Wrong. If your lovingly crafted words and years of hard