17th August 2021

Free tours at Tate Britain (now Tate Talks)

Free tours at Tate Britain and Tate Modern have restarted in a different, socially distanced form and are now called Tate Talks.
21st June 2021

Clashing or harmonious colours?

Which is the best choice? Clashing or harmonious colours? It depends on the context. This is my view of a colour scheme in Whitehall Gardens.
25th February 2021

Photographing the writers at Table 52

Teddington photographer Trevor Aston writes about a commission that combined two of his passions: photography and creative writing.
23rd June 2020

My YouTube interview with Bookmachine

Find out how Annette Peppis got into publishing, what she's working on right now ... and more, in her YouTube interview with Laura Summers of Bookmachine.
17th June 2020

The Galley Club is now online

For the first time in its history, The Galley Club meeting will be going online. Find out more about their interactive sessions in this article.
26th October 2017

Can graphic design save your life?

What exactly do graphic designers do, and can graphic design actually save your life? This question is discussed through a medical perspective.
17th August 2017

Where do designers get their inspiration?

There is so much in London to give designers inspiration. Here are the top 10 places that get my creative juices flowing.
15th August 2017

London Lounge: the Johnston tour

The London Transport Museum at the depot in Acton is not just for train geeks, it has lots of treats in store for art and design enthusiasts. The Johnston tour is one of these.
2nd August 2017

The St Bride Institute print room and library

Do not miss the St Bride Institute print room on your London visit if you are interested in the history of hot metal or letterpress printing.
7th July 2017

The Summer of Love

This summer is the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. Sergeant Pepper was released and swinging London was the height of cool.
6th January 2017

Museum madness

A friend recently told me about this little known offer. By joining the Museums Association you get free access to virtually all the Museums
12th November 2016

London Lounge: Holland Park and the new Design Museum

Do you live in London? Are you the type of person who is torn between visiting museums and getting
12th August 2016

New home for the Galley Club

The Water Rats is the new home for the Galley Club, the seriously social club for people who work in, or are interested in, the world of publishing.
22nd January 2016

London Lounge: Dennis Severs House

Tucked away in a quiet Georgian side street in Spitalfields, East London, is Dennis Severs House, one of London’s hidden secrets.
28th May 2015

BookMachine success stories

Back in 2013, I wrote a post about a new service for publishing professionals. Little did I know what impact it would have on my career.
10th April 2015

London Lounge: HintHunt

On a recent trip to Budapest, I consulted TripAdvisor to see which activities proved popular, and discovered that Hungarians have been
24th September 2014

London Lounge: Southall

If you have a free afternoon, an empty fridge and a liking for Asian food, you could do worse than take a trip to Southall.
27th March 2014

London Lounge: Leighton House Museum

If, like me, you love turquoise, Arabic architecture, patterns and scripts, you will love the Leighton House Museum. Tucked away off Kensington High Street near Holland Park,
30th December 2013

London Lounge: The Serpentine Sackler Gallery

There’s a new venue in town not a million miles from the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens: a short hop up the road brings you to the
3rd October 2013

London Lounge: the ICA

Are you fed up with high-street newsagents, mass-market bookshops and the (lack of) choice at your local Odeon? Are you in fact a bit of a culture
2nd October 2013

Promote yourself and find professionals in publishing with bookmachine.me

Do you work in publishing? Ever had trouble getting work, finding the right contributors for your project, or making strategic alliances? Fret no more. Laura and Gavin
2nd July 2013

London Lounge: Limehouse to Greenwich

London Lounge is a strand where I describe one of my recent strolls round the capital (with plentyof stops at coffee shops and pubs). This quarter I’m not
12th April 2013

London Lounge: Waterloo to London Bridge

You may be thinking ‘I’ve done this walk’, but have you ever done it the ‘back way’? Neither had I until recently, and I discovered a couple of gems.
23rd November 2012

London Lounge: Fleet Street

London is full of surprises, and I’ve discovered a hidden gem just behind Fleet Street near Ludgate Circus: The St Bride Institute. Formerly a printing school,
11th June 2012

London Lounge: Shoreditch

Do you ever get fed up with high streets that all look the same? Me too. There’s one place I can think of which doesn’t have
25th January 2012

London Lounge: Marylebone

Have you ever tried to find somewhere nice for a coffee or lunch at the top end of Oxford Street? Chances are you will be faced
16th January 2012

Fashion faux-pas

I recently attended a business fair at Earls Court. Although I principally went to attend the seminars, I was aware of possible networking opportunities, so that
24th October 2011

London Lounge: EC2

London is an exciting and vibrant city, but can be very expensive. In each issue of my newsletter I’m planning to share my tips on where
10th February 2011

What is the Galley Club, and what’s it like?

The Galley Club, for publishing professionals and others interested in the industry, meets once a month in central London. This was my first impression.