4th April 2023

Don’t shout! How to style your content without annoying anyone

It used to be normal to use underlining and capitals to style your content, but not any more. What should you do instead?
14th September 2022

10 top tips from our expert photographer

Here are 10 top tips from our expert photographer, award-winning photojournalist and visual storyteller Jacky Chapman.
13th May 2021

What’s the difference between copy-editing and proofreading?

Surbiton-based publishing professional Suzanne Arnold explains, in a guest blog, the difference between copy-editing and proofreading.
25th February 2021

How to improve your work-life balance

If you find workaholics who never take a lunch break difficult to identify with, take a look at my light-hearted work-life balance tips. 
1st May 2020

How to make a Zoom background

Have you noticed some unusual backgrounds in your video calls? I'll show you how to make a Zoom background, and discuss whether to use it for work meetings.
19th December 2018

How to prepare copy for publication

These suggestions on how to prepare your copy for publication will save your designer or publisher time, which in turn will save you money.
24th August 2018

Photo formats and sizes demystified

If you are confused about photo formats and sizes, this article will answer your most asked questions.
9th July 2018

Extraordinary typefaces

Where can you source really unusual and extraordinary typefaces? There are a number of options you can try. Read our useful guide to find out more.
1st March 2018

My top 5 GDPR concerns

GDPR compliance is not as difficult as you would think. In this article I share the main points, which are useful If you run a small business.
8th January 2018

How to choose colours that match

How do you choose colours that match if you don’t know anything about colour theory or colour psychology? There’s a great free resource to help you.
26th September 2017

My top 5 tips on designing social media graphics

21st April 2017

How to select photos for projects

Easy ways to select photos for your projects; where to look, how much it might cost and the pitfalls you should be aware of.
17th March 2017

Tips for using InDesign

8th December 2015

Presents for creatives and design lovers

We creative types can be very picky when it comes to presents. Here are some ideas showing you how to please your arty loved-ones. 
9th January 2015

My top 10 ampersands

Designers employ lots of tricks to enhance a design. One of these is using beautiful ampersands. Here are my personal top 10 ampersands.
12th December 2014

How should creative women dress for business?

First impressions count: it’s well known that people judge you mainly by your appearance, not by how you sound, or even
11th April 2014

What makes a good website?

I was asked recently ‘What makes a good website?’ The only answer I could give was ‘A site that serves its client well’. The majority of businesses
8th April 2014

How to publish an ebook

Recently, KIngston University hosted an excellent talk by Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords on ‘How to publish an ebook’. Smash words is a free publishing platform
28th November 2013

How should I best back up my work?

Ever since my daughter stuffed a milk-bottle top into my floppy disc drive (now that’s going back a bit!) on the day a job was to
2nd October 2013

Promote yourself and find professionals in publishing with bookmachine.me

Do you work in publishing? Ever had trouble getting work, finding the right contributors for your project, or making strategic alliances? Fret no more. Laura and Gavin
1st October 2013

How to commission a graphic designer

Anxious about commissioning a graphic designer? How to ensure your designer projects the right message and communicates successfully with your clients.
23rd August 2013

Should I update WordPress and plug-ins?

One of the members of my local business group asked me just that recently. The answer is usually yes. When you go into your
14th June 2013

Pinterest is fun, and a very useful social media tool

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media sites, and plenty of posts tell you how you should use it to best promote yourself and your business. Most
3rd February 2013

Where should I buy domain names?

I’ve just had an enquiry asking just that. I always buy my domain names from 1&1 and then point them to the web hosting company I use
12th September 2012

Which UK hosting company should I use for WordPress sites?

I spent some time today researching which UK hosting company to use for the latest WordPress site I had designed for a client. I’d heard that
16th January 2012

Fashion faux-pas

I recently attended a business fair at Earls Court. Although I principally went to attend the seminars, I was aware of possible networking opportunities, so that
15th January 2012

Shall we meet up?

I am not the shy retiring type, and I love meeting new people, so why do I struggle with traditional networking? I have tried traditional referral
17th August 2011

My top 10 tips for making the most of the Edinburgh Festival

1 Before you arrive, get a programme and make a shortlist of what you’d like to see, otherwise you will be overwhelmed with choice. 2 If
29th April 2011

How not to wear black

Why do women love to wear black when it actually suits so few of us? Jules Standish, author of ‘How Not to Wear Black’ has some
31st October 2010

How to enhance old family photos (1)

Repairing a tear So many of us have lovely old photos tucked away in a cupboard that are faded and 
creased. It would be a shame