4th April 2023

Don’t shout! How to style your content without annoying anyone

It used to be normal to use underlining and capitals to style your content, but not any more. What should you do instead?
18th August 2021

The beauty of books

If you’re interested in books, and book cover design in particular, don’t miss The Beauty of Books (episode four) on BBC iPlayer.
2nd October 2020

How to mix and match fonts

Most designers choose to use two typefaces in their designs (font pairing). Discover tips on how to mix and match fonts, and see examples that pair well.
9th July 2018

Extraordinary typefaces

Where can you source really unusual and extraordinary typefaces? There are a number of options you can try. Read our useful guide to find out more.
26th October 2017

Can graphic design save your life?

What exactly do graphic designers do, and can graphic design actually save your life? This question is discussed through a medical perspective.
15th August 2017

London Lounge: the Johnston tour

The London Transport Museum at the depot in Acton is not just for train geeks, it has lots of treats in store for art and design enthusiasts. The Johnston tour is one of these.
2nd August 2017

The St Bride Institute print room and library

Do not miss the St Bride Institute print room on your London visit if you are interested in the history of hot metal or letterpress printing.
8th July 2017

Portuguese portrayals

I usually like to stay in London during the summer months and get away when it’s cold, but this year I broke with tradition and spent
28th March 2017

Typographic trends: are the sixties back?

In the 1960s, Donovan’s album covers used distinctive fonts which reflected his style of music. The most well known was ‘Arnold Bocklin’ font.
17th March 2017

Tips for using InDesign

27th October 2016

What the font?!! Try our type quiz to see how much you know

How much do you know about fonts? Have a go at our 10-point quiz and see how many you get right.
2nd September 2015

How I rebranded a series of crime fiction book covers

Branding creates a cohesive identity for book cover designs. Read how this series rebrand resulted in an uplift in sales for a small publisher.
1st August 2015

Tokyo 2020 designer accused of plagiarism

What do you think of this new logo? I’m keen on it, as I love stencil typefaces and frequently play with them when I’m designing new
9th January 2015

My top 10 ampersands

Designers employ lots of tricks to enhance a design. One of these is using beautiful ampersands. Here are my personal top 10 ampersands.
24th September 2014

How to identify fonts

Have you ever seen a typeface, admired or hated it and wondered what it was? You don’t have to have a degree in typography to find
22nd September 2014

How to brand a book series

When people think about branding, they normally envisage company logos and the way they are applied to marketing materials and products.
19th August 2014

Menu design: there's more to it than you think

‘Fresh, light and fun’ or ‘modern, yet traditional’? Both! Though not at the same time. This was part of my brief from the
27th March 2014

Brush Script – a thing of beauty to the untrained eye?

I’ve recently returned from South East Asia where I was delighted by the Khmer and Chinese lettering. To me, the scripts
18th March 2014

Colour psychology: orange

To most of us, orange conjures up visions of youth and fresh ideas; it’s a lively, vibrant colour, ideal for portraying vitality and newness. On the
18th March 2014

The beauty of Chinese characters

Reading the in-flight magazine on my way to Cambodia recently, I was struck by the beauty of the Chinese characters used, particularly when
2nd January 2014

Playing detective

At a recent Galley Club meeting, one of my fellow members asked me if I would like an old type catalogue he was getting rid of.
31st December 2013

Labour of love: Graham Rawle’s quirky book design

When I’m thinking of buying a book, often the design can put me off; a very small typeface, mean leading (line spacing) and stingy margins are
1st October 2013

How to commission a graphic designer

Anxious about commissioning a graphic designer? How to ensure your designer projects the right message and communicates successfully with your clients.
30th September 2013

Why font choice matters

Choosing the right typeface is not just about looking pretty; it can be crucial to the message you put across. When Pepsi teamed up with Aape to
4th July 2013

Is this the worst logo ever?

You’d think that if you had money to burn you’d be able to commission a logo you can be proud of, wouldn’t you? They don’tcome much richer
31st January 2013

Right or wrong – or just a matter of taste?

I love typography and calligraphy, and hand-drawn type can add flair and vibrancy to a design. One of my favourite lettering artists is the very talented
30th October 2012

On my wish list …

This wonderful book on Herb Lubalin by art publishers Unit Editions is top of my wish list at the moment. Harb was one of the original
28th April 2012

Truly terrible typography

Oh dear! Who is responsible for this typographic crime? It upsets me deeply. For those of you who don’t know, kerning is the process of adjusting
17th March 2011

Who says you shouldn't use iconic fonts in your designs?

Recently, I read a blogpost about why you shouldn’t use iconic typefaces in your designs. Typefaces can polarise opinions and raise temperatures (especially among type geeks
20th October 2010

My top 10 tips for a great book cover design

1      Know your market 2      Get the size right 3      Keep it simple 4      Employ bold typography