Case study: Richmond Physiotherapy

A print or e-newsletter is one of the best ways of keeping in touch with your clients and contacts. Not only do you showcase your expertise, remind your connections that you are there to help them, give out valuable tips and build trust, it’s also a good lead generator.

Kate Sheehy from Richmond Physiotherapy, one of our regular readers, commissioned us to project manage and design Richmond Physiotherapy’s print and e-newsletters.

What they did before

Prior to this, the practice had an online magazine which was available on their website – but you had to visit the website to know it was there. They had a huge database of patients who were missing out on their interesting articles, health tips and special offers.

How we helped

The first thing we did was to send out an email to their database (who had agreed to be contacted) telling them all about the proposed newsletter, its contents and its frequency, giving them the option to opt-out. This left an audience of interested and engaged readers.

Both Kate and co-owner Pippa Rollitt are very proficient writers so did not need our editorial services. What they did need was guidance on how to best share their extensive knowledge and let people know about their staff and the great range of services the practice has to offer.

After a brainstorming session, a draft outline of the first issue was agreed, and we designed a template which was light and modern, making sure to respect RPs existing branding.

The aim of the newsletter is threefold. Firstly, to communicate with their patients; secondly, to encourage patients to book; finally to arouse interest and drive traffic to their website. For this reason, all the articles are published as blogposts which readers can click through to once they have read a ‘teaser’ in the newsletter. This has additional benefits of both building a knowledge library and pleasing Google with regular new copy with naturally occurring keywords.

The RP newsletter performs consistently well, with an open rate nearly twice the average for its sector and a variable clickthrough rate of between 3 to 9 times the average.

You can see a copy of their e-newsletter here, subscribe to it here, and download the PDF print version here.

Kate says:

“We receive quite a few emails and comments after we have sent out a newsletter, which is great as it shows that clients are on board with what we do. We also find there is a spike in bookings for particular members of our team or services which have been featured. Annette’s work is fantastic, she brings great design ideas, anticipating and enhancing what my business needs. She can deliver at short notice when it counts. I recommend her without hesitation, she’s great to work with.”

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