2nd August 2017
wooden letterpress characters St Bride Institute

The St Bride Institute print room and library

The St Bride Institute print room should be a must-see on your list of events during Open House London. I was lucky
6th April 2017
Grip Lit book covers

Is Grip Lit dead?

At the London Book Fair last month it was clear that celebrity and misery memoirs have had their day. Publishers and agents would also like
21st September 2016

5 ways to sell your book

Writing your book is the easy bit. Marketing and selling it is a whole new ball game. To get you started here are 5 ways to sell your book.
8th December 2015
Colourful Pantone mugs

Presents for creatives and design lovers

We creative types can be very picky when it comes to presents. Here are some ideas showing you how to please your arty loved-ones. 
22nd September 2014
Two book covers from the same series

How to brand a book series

When people think about branding, they normally envisage company logos and the way they are applied to marketing materials and products.