2nd May 2019
Busy Bees Nursery sign

Why consistency in your branding is important

A local nursery has recently undergone a rebrand. Things started well where did they go wrong?
12th March 2018
A selection of Jon Snow's ties

Is branding just for businesses?

Take a look at these photos. You’ll know who these ties belong to and might even guess the owner from just his socks.
18th January 2018
Colour wheel

Design focus: using colour

Did you know that red and green are complimentary colours? Whoever said ‘red and green should
8th January 2018

How to choose colours that match

Do you ever feel like having a spring clean, a de-clutter and a brightening up of your home or your image? I know I do.
2nd September 2015
An image from the Darkbridge series

How I rebranded a series of crime fiction book covers

Book cover design can be very daunting – especially fiction. Where the devil do you start? Which of the many
22nd September 2014
Two book covers from the same series

How to brand a book series

When people think about branding, they normally envisage company logos and the way they are applied to marketing materials and products.
1st October 2013
Orange and blue are complimentary colours

How to commission a graphic designer

Anxious about briefing a designer? Don’t be! Any designer worth their salt will want to help you project the right image, communicate successfully with your customers
25th July 2011
logo design detail

Logo design: behind the scenes

“Logo design? That must be easy – you could probably knock something up in a couple of hours”. Is that what you think? Here’s what really