7th January 2020
Pantone Classic Blue swatch

Colour trends for 2020

Pantone have announced that the Colour of the Year 2020 is Classic Blue, and Shutterstock's forecast also features an intense indigo. What else is trending?
9th January 2019
Blue colour swatches demonstrating seasonal colours

Seasonal colours

Psychologists often split colours into seasons. Find out how different shades of a colour can evoke different feelings.
9th January 2019

Colour forecasting for 2019

How does Pantone decide which colour should be the colour of the year
18th January 2018
Colour wheel

Design focus: using colour

Did you know that red and green are complimentary colours? Whoever said ‘red and green should
8th January 2018

How to choose colours that match

Do you ever feel like having a spring clean, a de-clutter and a brightening up of your home or your image? I know I do.
15th January 2016
Pantone Colour of the Year 2016

Pantone Colour of the Year 2016

Every year, Pantone select a ‘colour of the year’ that they deem to reflect the zeitgeist (buzzwords this year are balanced, calming, wellness,
8th December 2015
Colourful Pantone mugs

Presents for creatives and design lovers

We creative types can be very picky when it comes to presents. Here are some ideas showing you how to please your arty loved-ones. 
8th December 2015
A Patern Painting by Stephanie Wilkinson

Colouring for grown-ups

When you look at the bestseller lists, you’ll see quite a few colouring books for adults. Who’s buying these books? I haven’t heard any of my friends
28th May 2015
Peter Blake's razzle dazzle snowdrop ferry

Everybody razzle dazzle …

On a recent trip to Liverpool, I drove to Seacombe to see Peter Blake’s Snowdrop Mersey Ferry, but nothing had prepared me for this riot of colour.