7th January 2020
Pantone Classic Blue swatch

Colour trends for 2020

Pantone have announced that the Colour of the Year 2020 is Classic Blue, and Shutterstock's forecast also features an intense indigo. What else is trending?
2nd May 2019
Busy Bees Nursery sign

Why consistency in your branding is important

A local nursery has recently undergone a rebrand. Things started well where did they go wrong?
9th January 2019

Colour forecasting for 2019

How does Pantone decide which colour should be the colour of the year
1st November 2018
Brochures designed for AST stairlifts

Client story: how a brochure can help your business

Print is not dead, and a brochure can be a great weapon in your marketing arsenal. Find out how a new brochure helped AST Stairlifts get more business.
24th August 2018
Photoshop icon

Photo formats and sizes demystified

If you are confused about photo formats and sizes, this article will give answers to the most asked questions.
18th January 2018
Colour wheel

Design focus: using colours

Find out why we used the colours red and green for this logo design.
8th January 2018

How to choose colours that match

Do you ever feel like having a spring clean, a de-clutter and a brightening up of your home or your image? I know I do.
26th October 2017

Can Graphic Design save your life?

Or to put it another way; what exactly do graphic designers do? This question is answered, as seen through a medical
26th September 2017
Social media graphics

My top 5 tips on designing social media graphics

It’s a fact that posts which are illustrated have a much higher success and click-through rate
15th August 2017

London Lounge: the Johnston tour

The London Transport Museum at the depot in Acton is not just for train geeks, it has lots of treats in store for art and design enthusiasts. The Johnston tour is one of these.
8th July 2017

Portuguese portrayals

I usually like to stay in London during the summer months and get away when it’s cold, but this year I broke with tradition and spent
5th April 2017

Is this campaign the best ever?

You may have come across these posters at your local station but they first came to my attention when featured
28th March 2017
A Donovan album from the 1960s which uses a font similar to Arnold Bocklin.

Typographic trends: are the sixties back?

In the 1960s, Donovan’s album covers used distinctive fonts which reflected his style of music. The most well known was ‘Arnold Bocklin’ font.
17th March 2017
InDesign logo 640px

Tips for using InDesign

27th October 2016

What the font?!! Try our type quiz to see how much you know

How much do you know about fonts? Have a go at our 10-point quiz and see how many you get right.
2nd September 2015
An image from the Darkbridge series

How I rebranded a series of crime fiction book covers

Book cover design can be very daunting – especially fiction. Where the devil do you start? Which of the many
28th May 2015
Peter Blake's razzle dazzle snowdrop ferry

Everybody razzle dazzle …

On a recent trip to Liverpool, I drove to Seacombe to see Peter Blake’s Snowdrop Mersey Ferry, but nothing had prepared me for this riot of colour.
12th May 2015
young interns are used a lot in graphic design and publishing

Should your kids have a career in Graphic Design?

People often ask what I do for a living and are very enthusiastic when I tell them I am a Graphic Designer. They think that I
22nd September 2014
Two book covers from the same series

How to brand a book series

When people think about branding, they normally envisage company logos and the way they are applied to marketing materials and products.
19th August 2014
Leaf pattern used on the Lensbury's All Day menu design

Menu design: there's more to it than you think

‘Fresh, light and fun’ or ‘modern, yet traditional’? Both! Though not at the same time. This was part of my brief from the
31st December 2013
A spread from Woman's World

Labour of love: Graham Rawle’s quirky book design

When I’m thinking of buying a book, often the design can put me off; a very small typeface, mean leading (line spacing) and stingy margins are
30th September 2013
An unfortunate font choice can drastically change the meaning of a graphic

Why font choice matters

Choosing the right typeface is not just about looking pretty; it can be crucial to the message you put across. When Pepsi teamed up with Aape to
25th July 2011
logo design detail

Logo design: behind the scenes

“Logo design? That must be easy – you could probably knock something up in a couple of hours”. Is that what you think? Here’s what really
30th November 2010
An iMac used by a graphic designer

How do I choose a graphic designer?

Last week I met someone who said he ‘did a bit of graphic design’ – something that always sets alarm bells ringing with me. On probing