3rd May 2018
Percie Edgeler

Experienced designer or intern – which would you choose?

I’m experienced. From my point of view, when you hire me you will get a high-quality job
26th October 2017
Happy Grandparents sitting with their granddaughter on a pier, pointing out at the boats.

How to supply good pictures to your designer

I have lost count of the amount of times I am asked by a client to design a high-end publication
7th August 2017
Orange and blue are complimentary colours

How to commission a book designer

Anxious about briefing a designer? Don’t be! Any designer worth their salt will want to help you project
17th March 2017
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Tips for using InDesign

Recently, the publishing forum Bookmachine interviewed a selection of industry experts about the software
21st September 2016

5 ways to sell your book

You’ve done it! After many months (or even years) you have published your own book. Give yourself a pat on the back for your achievement. But
12th August 2016
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New home for the Galley Club

The Galley Club, the not-for-profit social club for people in publishing, will have a new home from October 2016. Events will take place at 
7th July 2016

What team do authors need to run a successful book business?

Have you decided to quit your job to concentrate on writing? If so, you may want to handle everything
28th May 2015
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BookMachine success stories

Back in 2013, I wrote a post about a new service for publishing professionals. Little did I know what impact it would have on my career.
23rd July 2014
Detail from a Romance Festival poster

A masterclass in marketing

At last night’s Bookmachine event for people in publishing, Sam Missingham, Head of Events at HarperCollins, spoke about her most recent
8th April 2014

How to publish an ebook

Recently, KIngston University hosted an excellent talk by Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords on ‘How to publish an ebook’. Smash words is a free publishing platform
31st December 2013
A spread from Woman's World

Labour of love: Graham Rawle’s quirky book design

When I’m thinking of buying a book, often the design can put me off; a very small typeface, mean leading (line spacing) and stingy margins are
2nd October 2013
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Promote yourself and find professionals in publishing with bookmachine.me

Do you work in publishing? Ever had trouble getting work, finding the right contributors for your project, or making strategic alliances? Fret no more. Laura and Gavin